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Cages of the Mind

Post  Kamurei on Fri Mar 02, 2012 5:17 pm

I sit in the corner of the wooden cell that my other self has placed me in. Through the slatted window I hear the moans and groans of various horrible creatures that reside in nightmares. Tengu squawk and fly freely from tree to tree as they patrol the building I am in. Even if I were to find some way to get out, I would not last long with them on my heels.

At least my cell is more of a room than anything else. Wooden floors and walls are all around me. Even the bars of my prison are wood. On one wall is a painting that, for the moment, is pitch black. This can only mean that the other me is sleeping. I know that it is supposed to be a painting but the earlier events came through with such clarity that even sound was produced. And the things the other me had said were such horrible things...

I find myself worrying that no one will want me anymore after this. Assuming, by some measure, I do return home to the other world I have begun planning my death. Such a dishonorable and hurtful thing as myself should not be permitted to sully the house further. No, if I ever get free, I will honorably commit seppuku.

A sliding of my prison's door breaks my concentration and I look up from my depression. The other me appears at my cell smiling. Though she is me, her eyes have become dark and soulless. She's loving this interaction and I know it. "So I have been thinking sister. We look exactly alike; same body and same face. Yet, you are permitted to come and go as you please while I have to stay here unless I place you in a state like this." Her smirk sickens me and for once I am happy that I cannot hear her thoughts.

"So I've come to the thought that there is indeed something different about you. Something special inside you..." The tengu outside have quieted and an eerie silence falls upon the prison building where I am housed. "I want it sister. I want what's in you."

A heavy thud on the roof draws my attention up as my breath hitches. "I have... I have no idea what you're talking about. I am me and that is all I know." My voice is soft and hoarse from all the crying I had done earlier. By the time I look back to her, I realize she is not alone. To her left stands a tengu, tall and proud, who slowly begins to draw his short blade. On her right stands a shadow. Huge and overbearing with claws and wings. It has neither eyes nor face but I get the feeling it is smiling at me. I watch as it places a hand on her shoulder and he grins widens all that much for it.

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