The Nightside Visitor's Guide: What you need to Know to Survive in the Nightside

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The Nightside Visitor's Guide: What you need to Know to Survive in the Nightside

Post  Liv on Wed Nov 23, 2011 12:05 pm

Welcome, traveler, to the Nightside, based on the books by Simon R. Green, which are in order:

Something from the Nightside (New York, Ace 2003), ISBN 0-441-01065-2
Agents of Light and Darkness (New York, Ace 2003), ISBN 0-441-01113-6
Nightingale's Lament (New York Ace 2004), ISBN 0-441-01163-2
Hex and the City (New York Ace 2005), ISBN 0-441-01261-2
Paths not Taken (New York Ace September 2005), ISBN 0-441-01319-8
Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth (Ace February 28, 2006), ISBN 0-441-01387-2
Hell to Pay (Ace December 27, 2006), ISBN 0-441-01460-7
The Unnatural Inquirer (Ace January 2, 2008), ISBN 0-441-01558-1
Just Another Judgement Day (Ace January 6, 2009), ISBN 0-441-01674-7
The Good, the Bad, and the Uncanny (Ace January 5, 2010), ISBN 0-441-01816-5
A Hard Day's Knight (Ace January 4, 2011)

Awesome to read but not required reading to play
The Nightside is one of the only places untouched by the sun. It is always three o'clock in the morning within its shifting borders, and the dawn never comes. The Moon and stars always hang in the sky, shining and ten times as big as anywhere else. People are always coming and going, drawn by needs, searching for pleasures and services unforgivable in the sane daylight world....or just a place to be themselves. You can buy and sell anything in the Nightside and nobody will ask questions. No-one cares.
The Nightside is located in London, no one is stupid enough to try and pin down exactly where. It is said to be the dark heart of the city, sick and magical. Originally created by the creature Lillith to be the one place on Earth where all beings could be free of the influence of Heaven and Hell, its laws of reality are loose. In the Nightside, time slips suck beings from throughout the worlds and dump them in this teeming night city. Travelers in time slip in and out, and travelers from worlds that might have been, from across the galaxy or across the dimensions, and from places that never were visit regularly. In the Nightside, nobody cares what you are, only how much you can pay.
In this place of ultimate freedom, the mad, the depraved and the magical are all part of a normal day. Magic and science blend, fight and mix like a pride of cats, gods monsters men and those in between share the streets. Shops selling everything from books that read you to the meat of humans and imaginary creatures line the streets, jostling for room with bars and nightclubs and brothels that never close. It's a teeming, wild, magical, deadly place.
There are no laws, except those that powerful men set down and enforce. And the rules are few
Watch your back
Protect what you care about
Don't look like a tourist.
Look for the patsy; if you can' see him, it's you
So, welcome to the Nightside. You've been warned. Safe travels.

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Re: The Nightside Visitor's Guide: What you need to Know to Survive in the Nightside

Post  Dunstfinkler on Fri Nov 25, 2011 2:32 am

also ignacy is totally a power totally


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