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the Simple Rules of this place Empty the Simple Rules of this place

Post  Admin on Sun May 15, 2011 12:58 am

Okay the rules here are in accordance with this host site,

1. no Slander. I understand you have a right to your opinion, however degrading terms for race, creed, orientation, marital status, physical ability, ect. will result in immediate and permanent banning
2 No God Moding. you may have played a character for many years IRL or IG is irrelevant, no one dodges 100% of the time if it is caught by an admin or a moderator they are empowered to edit your posts to fix that.
3. no L337/txt speak. Say you not u and later not l8er. it shows lazyness and lack of vocabulary
4. keep in IC there is an OOC lounge for discussions but no attacking others, we are here to have fun. but keep the others in mind
5. NO SEX. if you feel the need to do that keep it to PM's i want to keep this a more or less PG site
6. keep the profanity limited to IC statements and not often. it does happen i don't mind that but still be mindful

I feel these rules are Fair if more become needed they will be updated. member will have a 3 strike system however if a problem is too severe then you will loose multiple at the same time. it may seem like being a power trip but i am taking the long view for the comfort of my members. thankyou


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